Reverse Polish Notation

This is my first blog post regarding the Perl Weekly Challenge tirelessly maintained by Mohammad Anwar. Although I’ve been doing the challenge for a while now, I haven’t maintained my blog for years. Let’s change that!

This week’s challenge #2 from the Perl Weekly Challenge is a computer science classic: create a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator. This brings back fond memories.

Basic Algorithm

My Perl 5 and Raku solutions will both use the same basic algorithm. First, we tokenize the input into numbers and operators. Then, we loop through every token. For each token, we either:

  1. If the token is a number, we add it to the stack
  2. Otherwise, it’s an operator:
    1. Pull zero or more items off the stack depending on the operator
    2. Perform the required operation (e.g., addition, subtraction, etc.)
    3. Push the result onto the stack
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